About Foto Phortress

  Alyssa Herrman   Founder of Foto Phortress and Photographer

Alyssa Herrman

Founder of Foto Phortress and Photographer

Foto Phortress photography is owned and operated by Portland, OR music photographer, Alyssa Herrman. Alyssa is a photographer with an undeniable passion for music. Being a musician herself, she has the ability to see the world from the artists’ eyes.

She has worked with many local and international touring bands and has been published in magazines such as Decibel Magazine and Rolling Stone, as well as various local publications around Oregon and Washington. Her photography focuses on the emotion you feel when you go to a show and her goal is to show that emotion through her art. 

Alyssa is also a contributing photographer at Vortex Magazine and DOPE Magazine.

She is available for live shows, events/festivals, portraits, behind the scenes and photos during recording. 

If you are interested in booking a photo shoot please contact alyssa@fotophortress.com.

Follow her on Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat @fotophortress

Assistant Photographer

Guy Nelson