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EYEHATEGOD returns to Portland!

To say that EYEHATEGOD has been through some shit is an extreme understatement, yet they carry on and continue to be one of the heaviest, most abrasive yet flowingly smooth sounds.  Countless others try to imitate or at least tap into what makes this band great and it's just not possible.  The personal journey of each member is told through this musical conduit with a therapeutic quality that is seldom matched. 

The recent journey for singer Mike "IX" Williams has been a do or die life-changing scenario, having recently recovered from a liver transplant that was 100% necessary for his survival.  Jumping back on the horse so quickly after this type of situation is very admirable and you could tell everyone there was elated to see him and the rest of the band perform.  This is only several years after the heartbreaking loss of drummer Joey LaCaze which was obviously a devastating blow to everyone. 

Continuing from that point forward must be no easy feat or lighthearted decision and current drummer Aaron Hill does an amazing job of taking Joey's intense, unique take on groove and applying verbatim where it needs to be and adding himself in where it makes sense.

The heaviness and volume of the guitars can almost be described similarly to the thick and humid air of the band's home state of Louisiana.  No matter what the outside temperature, every EYEHATEGOD show is a thick and sweaty affair with no one complaining.  If you have the chance to catch them on this tour please do.  There are not many live music experiences like this anymore so do yourself that favor.  Welcome back Mike IX!

Words by Guy Nelson, Photos by Alyssa Herrman

Saint Vitus, The Skull and Witch Mountain

Saint Vitus, The Skull and Witch Mountain

Saint Vitus is currently on tour with their original singer Scott Reagers and support from The Skull (featuring Steve Hanford a.k.a. Thee Slayer Hippy of Poison Idea on drums) and Witch Mountain!  Check out the photos from their stop at the Star Theater in Portland on 10/16/16 and be sure to catch the rest of this epic tour! 

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