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Mike Scheidt


“Alyssa’s photos capture the “YES!!” moment. Be it a band full-on laying it down, friends reveling in the moment, and/or often all the above. Alyssa is amazing to be around, whether she’s shooting photos or not. If she is shooting, she’s going to capture moments worth seeing and remembering. Highly recommended!”



Matt Young

King Parrot

“Alyssa is an exceptionally talented photographer, both live and with portraits. I’ve had the pleasure of working with her on both and she is a consummate professional. Highly recommended!”

Jonathan Reid

Lord Dying / Hands of Thieves / Megaton Leviathan

"Alyssa is as much an integral part of the Pacific Northwest music community as anyone. I have worked with her in taking pictures with a couple projects of my own. She plays an active role in our community and has the ability to capture live to staged settings while maintaining the organic nuance of everything she photographs."

Cat Jones

Music Journalist

"Alyssa is amazing. I’ve watched her photograph live bands, promo photo shoots, and behind-the-scenes at events, and her uncanny ability to make everyone feel comfortable and confident shows in the final product. I’ve also been the subject of her photos a few times over the years, and even on my most awkward days she puts a genuine smile on my face. Every day I look at her photo of Matt Pike playing with Sleep last February, which I have framed on my wall, and her awesomeness makes my day. I’d recommend Foto Phortress to anyone."

Thomas Rusnak

RORSCHACH/World of Lies/Poison Idea

“Professional. Check. Fun to work with. Check. True fan of heavy music. Check. What blew me away though, was that while having a blast during the photo shoot, I barely remember her ever taking any pictures. Then the very next day we had a ton of pics that everyone in the band was happy with. Pure awesomeness.”


Andrea Vidal

Holy Grove

“Alyssa has the advantage when it comes to outstanding music photography. Not just a talent behind the lens, she’s a fan of the music. She takes the type of photos you’d want to see of the musicians, and as a musician, the ones you’d want to see of yourself. I can speak from experience-she gets it.”


Billy Goate

Editor-in-chief of Doomed & Stoned

“Alyssa’s Foto Phortress never ceases to amaze me. Her shots are so beautiful. Every time, she manages to capture that magic moment and makes me envious that I was not there to see what she did. Her work has certainly motivated me to get out and experience live music more and whether she is covering concerts, doing photo-shoots, or a personal event, Alyssa Herrman gives everything she does an expert, artistic touch. Added to that, she has a warm, lovable persona that makes her a joy to work with. Highly recommended!”


Mort Subite

Megaton Leviathan

Alyssa is a top notch photographer and an awesome person to boot. Without her exceptional eye for a great shot, many Pacific Northwest bands wouldn't have the incredibly professional looking promo photos that you see in media worldwide.


Lisa Miller

Lisa and Her Kin / Best Buds Portland

Alyssa Herrman’s ability to capture the energy of the metal bands she photographs make you feel as if you were there even if you missed the show. If you were lucky enough to be at one of the shows she has photographed then Alyssa’s photos will make you feel as if you are re-living your night of good loud brain grinding music right here in puddle town.


Alex Ponder

Weresquatch/ Headless Pez/Magnabolt

“Alyssa Herrman has been consistently exciting and fun to work with. Her keen ability to capture the action and motion of a live performance makes it feel like you’re really there watching it happen. When I’m performing and I see Alyssa there at the foot of the stage with her camera, I know there are going to be some absolutely killer shots released in the following days. Simply seeing her there makes me kick my performance up to the next level!”


Taylor Oldfield

“Alyssa was sweet enough to spend an afternoon taking some personal shots of my boyfriend and I, it was time/$ well spent! We were able to get our pictures edited and sent to us very quickly and the quality was amazing! Not only did we get A MILLION great pictures, we had fun while doing it! She is incredibly easy to work with and very friendly. I know that being the subject of a photoshoot can sometimes be an awkward experience but that is certainly not the case here, Alyssa will make you feel so comfortable it’s as if she isn’t taking pictures at all! Overall A++ HIGHLY RECOMMEND”


Tony Avila

World of Lies/Dead in a Ditch/RGP Studios

“Alyssa Herrman & Foto Phortress are awesome. She is professional & very easy to work with. I’ve personally had excellent results with her live shots as well as group pictures. Price is right, she is nice and easy to get along with. My band is already using her live shots and group pictures and some of them will surely end up on our next release. If you are looking for band photography, Alyssa Herrman does an excellent job AND is actually willing to work!!! I am very pleased with the results of her work and will continue to work with her in the future.”


Eric Eisenhauer


“Alyssa of Foto Phortress is a blast to work with, my band choose to have her take our first official band promo photos and they turned out killer. She had taken some live pics of us in the past and they were amazing so it was a no brainer to ask her to work with us! Very fun and rad to work with!”


Quinton Gardner 

Only Zuul

“We feel very fortunate to have a resource like Foto Phortress at our disposal. Alyssa is probably the most talented photographer we’ve ever worked with as a group, and whose merits can easily be gleaned from both her stellar live and studio/site-specific efforts. We hope to build a long standing relationship between our two factions and look forward to doing business with Foto Phortress again soon.”


Rosalee Rester

Owner of

“Alyssa was wonderful to work with. She was completely in tune with everything that was going on in each moment and was able to quickly understand the look/feel i was going for. She was great with the babies, great with the parents and her personality made the entire process enjoyable and fun.”


Ian Engblom

Only Zuul/Hundred Eyes

“I have had the pleasure of working with Foto Phortress twice so far this year and I think Alyssa has a wonderful eye for capturing splendid moments of time. Last sunday she came and shot a live set of the band hundred eyes that I play with and she nailed it. Now I have worked in a stage environment with her and a still environment and both time she came through with a fantastic product. Professional, professional, professional!”